Karma Credits

A Currency Backed By The Goodness Of Humanity

Let's Start Putting Some Good Karma Into The World


What is Karma Credits?

Karma Credits is a social impact, grassroots community earning currency by doing kind things for each other. A currency backed by the goodness of humanity, changing that old saying from "No good deed goes unpunished" to instead help make sure that No Good Deed Goes Unrewarded.

As soon as you start doing kind things for others, you will earn Karma Credits. Once you have earned the Karma Credits, anyone can earn Karma Credits from you by doing kind things for you, either based off own Karma List of nice things that can be done for you, or kind things people come up with their own. 

Below are some examples of kind things that our community members have listed on their Karma List that can be done to earn Karma Credits from them.

Deliver groceries to a person in need: 1 Karma Credit + 1 Karma Credit per dollar spent on groceries

Send a motivating message to help them work out: 1 Karma Credit 

Donate to a cancer charity: 1 Karma Credit per dollar donated

See more kind things our community is doing for each other at our Karma List interaction page below!


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