The "A-ha!" Moment and The Start of a Movement

Updated: May 26, 2020

Coming home from work on the subway, browsing the internet on my phone, I come across a couple of articles about cryptocurrency. Now I would usually bypass these articles as cryptocurrency is something that I neither understand nor had any interest in.

But these articles were different.

They outline how you could earn cryptocurrency by doing things. One article about earning by driving safe, and another about earning from going to the gym. A question popped into my head: What if you could earn currency, by doing nice things? What if, you didn't have to stop earning at work, but could earn constantly by holding the door open for people or helping someone with their stroller up the subway stairs?

I get home and hit the computer. I google "earn cryptocurrency by doing things". I come across articles explaining main split between cryptocurrencies: A coin, which you invest and trade on a public exchange, and a token, which you earn from other people by doing certain things. I further look into the latter, and find that they are called "ERC-20 Tokens".

I google "How to create your own ERC-20 Token" Countless hours of reading how-to articles, attempts and failures to "code", and learning the ins and outs of "Gas fees" (not a fart tax) later, I finally figure out to create and release the "Karma Points (KRPT)" ERC-20 token.

So what do I do now? I create a Facebook group and a Twitter account. The Facebook group invitations go out to friends and family, inviting those that would likely be open to the idea. The Twitter is created and it hits me: What community would be open to the idea of rewriting the rules of currency, to reward those taking care of the elderly, helping those that need mental health assistance, and doing community service of all kinds? The Yang Gang.

I go to Andrew Yang's twitter account. I noticed throughout his 2020 campaign than he likes, comments and retweets members of the Yang Gang all the time. I reach out to Yang Gang members doing kind things for others, and a movement starts. How far can the movement go? That's up to us.

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